A Gemstone Museum, demonstrating the technology behind the production of gemstones.

We invite you to enjoy a fascinating and informative visit displaying a vast range of gemstones from all over the world and a fascinating encounter between rare minerals, fossils, and crystals. Watch a short film on the fascinating process of diamond formation showing the types of mining, the places where diamonds are found and why diamonds have been dubbed “the world’s most precious natural resource”.

What is your birthstone?

Visit our three-dimensional gemstone museum to find out this interesting fact and many more.

Eilat Stone

Israel’s National Stone. This exclusive stone was already recorded in the era of King Solomon.

The Gemstone Museum displays the enchanting world of Eilat’s unique, and spectacular stone, found in one place in the world – Timna Mines, located approximately 24 km north of Eilat.

Discover the process of cutting and polishing the stone, from the raw material to its transformation into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Exhibition Hall

Enjoy visiting our spectacular 1000m exhibition hall with over 100 display tables showcasing a huge selection of modern and exclusive masterpiece designs of gold, silver and diamond jewelry alongside a variety of hand crafted Eilat Stone jewelry combining gemstones & diamonds.

Diamonds are mounted on-site in front of customers.


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Special offers are available for organized groups. For more details and to book a guided tour please contact us at effi@eilatsc.co.il ,Tel 08-6336363 Extension 2
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